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First Four Products in Australia

If you are located in Austraila please contact our Appointed Distributor below for all SHADOW and FIRST FOUR products.

LANDYBITZ, Coomera, Gold Coast, Queensland, 4209, Australia

Tel: +61 (0)417 780 017
Mobile: + 61 (0)417 788 044

First Four Products in Denmark

If you are located in Denmark please contact our Appointed Distributor below for all SHADOW and FIRST FOUR products.

4WD.NU, CH-Teknik, Skovlaaet 8, DK 2900 Hellerup, Denmark

Contact: Christian Holten.
Tel: +45 22624286

MTF Training

The importance of relevant quality training today cannot be overstated.

Worthwhile training is vital not only to new staff, but also underpins the abilities of more experienced individuals by refreshing and updating long-held skills. An effective training process enables attendees to maximise their abilities in an efficient and safe manner.

MTF have been providing off-road driving courses for over 15 years. Courses range from a basic off-road driving course through to more specialised winch training and trailer handling courses. Courses can also be structured to combine driving and other associated skills, and a certificate is presented at the end of each course.

More info on: Off-Road Driver Training, Instructor Training, Trailer Handling, Winch Training, ATV Training

Land Rover Adventure Association

The Land Rover Adventure Association was started by several keen Land Rover owners in the Toronto area, with the shared enthusiasm of off-roading and adventure traveling. Various off-road outings are scheduled during the year, which range from very difficult to easy and sometimes a surprise!

Typically the outings are twice a month usually a day trip or over night with the co-ordination of the club members. In addition, there are more organized events such as participating with other clubs, expeditions into Northern Ontario and the annual fall picnic.

An excellent forum run by knowledgeable guys, and used by genuine enthusiasts.

Lewis 4x4 Ltd

Land Rover Servicing and Repairs in Neath, near Swansea, South Wales.

SWB Land Rovers

Mutford Garage, Hulver Road, Mutford, Beccles, NR34 7UL

Tel: 01502 476000