Acoustic Mat Systems For Defenders and Series Land Rovers

Some people consider the noise of a Land Rover to be one of it's defining and endearing features. If you're not one of these people, then we have just the product for you! We're excited to add these Wright Offroad Acoustic Mat Systems for Defenders and Series Land Rovers to our ever-expanding range of Land Rover parts and accessories.

Designed to drastically reduce the noise entering the cabin of your Land Rover these custom fit mats are made from cast dense polyurethane and built to industrial standards for reducing noise levels often found in construction equipment.

Key features of the Acoustic Mat Systems

> Reduces noise – the complete system negates the need for engine and gearbox blankets and reduced panel reverberation
> Hard wearing – harder wearing than rubber – it will probably outlast your Land Rover
> Easy to fit – no glue and is transferable
> Easy to clean – can be hosed out
> Insulation – provides insulation to keep heat out (or in)
> Inert – mat will not rot or hold water unlike felt or carpet
> Resistant – material is fuel, oil, water and sunlight resistant
> Fire retardant
> Recyclable

Feedback on these products has been really positive with the consensus being, if you take the time to fit the mats carefully they not only improve the noise level in the cab but they really smarten up the interior and look fantastic.

Take a closer look at the Acoustic Mat Systems For Defenders and Series Land Rovers here.


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