Defender Heated Windscreen - Product Spotlight

With the nights drawing in and Autumn approaching (sorry but it's true!) we're starting to turn our attention to winter-proofing our vehicles. One product we've noticed a rising interest in, is our Defender heated windscreen kits.

There's nothing worse than jumping in your Landy, heading off to work or for a big adventure, only to have to sit and wait patiently (or not!) for your windscreen to de-mist or de-frost. This is especially infuriating if your Defender is your daily-driver.

defender-heated-windscreen-kitSo, we say, treat yourself! Our Defender heated windscreen kits come with everything you need to fit the front windscreen, including:

  • Defender tinted front screen
  • Diamondback Smart Heated Windscreen Wiring Kit
  • Replacement windscreen seal.

There are two options for the Diamondback wiring kit, the first comes with a genuine Land Rover switch for later Defenders and the second with a Carling switch.

These kits are manufactured in The Netherlands by Red Bison, so if anyone understands the need for a product to be hardy and robust in inclement weather it's the Dutch!

These kits really make a big difference to the time taken to clear a misted screen, especially if you have a pre-2007 Defender with the less effective heater. You also have the reassurance of a 2 year warranty. It really is one of those accessories that is well worth fitting, and on those cold mornings for years to come, you will be reminded what a good decision it was to fit one.


If you have any questions regarding this product please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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