Defender LED Headlights

We wrote a blog in May 2017 entitled 'LED Headlights: Why You Should Convert Today' and it appears many of you took our advice, as one of our bestselling products of 2018 has been the Defender Wipac LED lights.

To be more precise - the Defender Wipac LED Front Sidelight in Clear and the Stop/Tail light in Red.

You even loved them enough to leave reviews:

Paz said: "Simple, effective lighting up grade. straight swap for OEM units"

Nobby said: "Very good indeed"

Christopher said: "Having a Defender Adventure I thought I may have to reverse the connectors as in the video. However despite one of the last defenders the connectors worked as soon as plugged in- could not have been simpler. Actual lights much better than OEM side lights and look better with the LED headlights that came with the Adventure model!"

Iain said: "Good quality and good price. Comes fitted with connector for TD5 to plug 'n' play"

Why Should I Convert to LED Headlights?

If you haven't yet upgraded and don't have time to read the full blog about the benefits of converting to LED lights, we've summarised it below:

    • Easy to Install
    • Replace Once and (Likely) Forever
    • Rugged & Durable
    • Better Quality Lighting
    • Fuel-Efficient & Cheaper to Run

In Conclusion

LED Headlights are a cost-effective and efficient replacement for existing halogen and incandescent bulbs. The likelihood is that they will outlive your vehicle, and should stand most tests that you can put your Land Rover through. We would highly suggest an upgrade.

We have a wide range of Defender LED Headlights and LED Lighting available in our online store.

Read the full blog here!

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