Defender Snorkel - Not Just For Wading

Whilst a snorkel is a must for wading above the maximum depth stated in your Land Rover’s user manual, there are also a number of benefits to your engine which can make the cost of purchase and installation much more attractive if you're not regularly immersing your vehicle in deep water. Find out more below about the Defender Snorkels and Raised Air Intakes (RAIT’s) which we offer.

Do I need a ‘Snorkel’ or a ‘Raised Air Intake (RAIT)’?

A ‘raised air intake’ is simply that, it’s a means of drawing in the air for the engine at a higher point on the vehicle, but it’s not necessarily fully water-sealed at the point where it attaches to the vehicle. But it is still very useful in hot dusty conditions, as cleaner air is being drawn in above the level of the dust created by the wheels, or by the vehicle in front if you’re in a convoy.

A ‘snorkel’, on the other hand, is fully sealed where it connects to the vehicle, so that you can wade at a depth exceeding the normal maximum. See more below.

Both types also have the added benefits of drawing in cooler air into the engine and help to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt. Allowing cool, dry, cleaner air into the engine can help to increase horsepower and overall engine performance, and help prevent shortening of air filter service intervals. So there are rarely any downsides to fitting a RAIT or Snorkel to almost any off-road vehicle.

But we need to remember that even after fitting a snorkel, heading off to the nearest deep water is not a good idea until you consider the sealing properties of your air intake system between the snorkel and the air filter box. The filter box itself may not even be fully sealed, depending on the vehicle. The Puma Defender in particular, has a poorly sealed intake duct between the wing and the air filter box. So, even with a snorkel, water up to the wings could still be drawn into the engine causing potentially catastrophic damage. This is where a Sealed Intake System and Sealed Filter Box complete the picture, so that you have a fully sealed system, and you can wade with confidence with your Defender, as far as excluding water from your engine’s vulnerable intake system is concerned.

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Safari Snorkels

Voted Best After Market Product of the Year twice by 4X4 Australia Magazine, Safari Snorkels Systems were pioneered in Australia in the 80s and undergo rigorous testing in tough conditions. They are manufactured to the highest standards using durable, UV stable, cross linked polyethylene material and deliver a continuous and cooler supply of air for maximum engine performance. Each system comes with quality fixtures and fittings, which offer superior sealing, presentation and long-term durability.

Britpart Defender Snorkel Kit


This is a classic mushroom-top snorkel for the Defender 300Tdi/Td5/Tdci. Featuring heavy-duty metal pipework, cyclone pre-cleaner and a durable attractive matt black finish.



Mantec Raised Air Intake

Suitable for the Defender 300tdi and TD5, and the Tdci Puma, this one-piece flexi lite material raised air intake does not split or crack. It is supplied with a fitting kit and instructions.

Please note this product is not compatible with a roll cage - if you have any concerns please contact us.






You can view all Defender Snorkels and Wading Kits, plus Sealed Air Systems and Filter Boxes here, alternatively see our full range for other vehicles here


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