Land Rover Discovery Bumper

In December one of our products received a review that we just couldn't ignore... we contacted the customer and asked if he was willing to send us some pictures that we could share with you all. Carl readily agreed and as you can tell from the great pictures and feedback, he obviously loves his Disco and his new Shadow bumper!

"Very Impressed!

I have waited almost 10 years to do any modifications to my disco. In that time I have researched so many front bumper options it would make you sick. I finally found what appeared to be the perfect design on an instagram picture and set out to find where to buy it. From the pictures, and descriptions I couldn’t Quite tell if the high jack points were just hollow holes or actually filled in tubular steal. There were two on each side, which was a determining factor over other bumpers.

When I went to install this bumper today, I opened the package and found what has to be one of the BEST manufactured lives I have ever seen. It was perfect. The jack points were filled in tubular steal. The construction is made with THICK steal and perfect welds. The paint was flawless. I believe that if I was ever in an accident, the frame on the truck would probably bend before this bumper did. It’s insane. By far the best piece of equipment on my disco by far.

I also live in America and it was shipped without any hassle, straight to my house.

I am so grateful that I found this product. It is the best tubular steel bumper you can find for Land Rover."

Carl continued to share his enthusiasm for the bumper during our email conversations saying:

"It really is an absolutely great product. Best on the market by far." and "Love this bumper! ...This bumper absolutely sets this truck away from anything else on the road!!"

You can take a closer look at the Shadow Tubular Winch Bumper for Discovery 2 with A Bar with Swivel Recovery Eyes by clicking here or view our full range of Shadow products here.

We'd like to say a big thank you to Carl for being a valued customer and for taking the time to share his images and leave us such a fantastic review. If you have installed a Shadow bumper or any other First Four product and would be willing to share images with us to use on our blog and social media then please do contact us:


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