Nugget Stuff - Fitting a sealed TDCi airbox

If you've ever wondered how easy it is to fit a Nugget Stuff Sealed Airbox, our friends over at Land Rover Owner Magazine recently fitted one to their LR 110 - here's what they did...

A few months ago, we addressed a fundamental flaw in the design of the post-2007 Defender’s air inlet system. We replaced the poorly sealed plastic trunking with a far superior plenum and ducting from Australian firm Nugget Stuff, coupled with a Mantec raised air intake, to aid the TDCi’s breathing.

These two modifications have made a huge difference to the 2.2 TDCi’s inlet tract; the larger-diameter pipework and properly sealed wing-mounted plenum chamber now mean that clean, fresh air is delivered uncontaminated from the top of the snorkel all the way down to the air filter housing. And while the standard filter housing is nowhere near as badly designed as the rest of the original inlet system, it can still be improved. Enter Nugget Stuff’s new replacement air filter box.

The advantages of this new housing are twofold. Within the 3mm aluminium chamber is a generic cylindrical air filter, which not only boasts a larger surface area and better filtering capabilities than the standard panel but is a lot easier to change as well. From a cosmetic point of view, it’s also a shiny and good-looking bit of kit that looks great nesting in an engine bay.

Neoprene foam seals mean that the new housing is also totally waterproof, so water crossings and dusty terrain can be tackled with 100 per cent confidence that your engine is breathing only the cleanest, dust-free air and that your TDCi isn’t going to take a gulp of water should it be a little deeper than you had anticipated.

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