Product spotlight: SKYTAG GPS tracker

Land Rovers are one of the most targeted vehicles for theft in the world and here at First Four we understand that the safety of your vehicle is paramount. That is why we recommend the SKYTAG GPS tracker.

SKYTAG GPS trackerWhy chose SKYTAG?

The SKYTAG system is already well established within the Land Rover community as an affordable tracking system that can be easily fitted and offers 24 hour, 365 day monitoring. It has a unique monitoring system and is the only tracker to provide direct Police access to real-time location data. With the Police able to gain direct access to the SKYTAG system they can recover your vehicle quickly or if necessary monitor the vehicle from afar, reducing the need for a high speed chase and potential damage to your vehicle. SKYTAG have quoted 11 minutes as the fastest recovery record!

The system is Worldwide, low cost, contract free and transferable if/when you update your vehicle. Fitting is easy and takes between 30 - 60 minutes, just make sure you secure it somewhere out of sight! The unit cost includes 3 months standard subscription, after which the monthly subscription to SKYTAG starts at £6.99 (including VAT).


We are able to offer a fitting service for £150+VAT if you are able to visit us in Devon - please contact us before purchase for more information.

If you don't feel you require the level of security and peace of mind offered by SKYTAG, or you'd like to add a further level of security to your vehicle, you can find our range of steering column and peddle locks here.


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